March Spotlight on people and programs

March Spotlight on People and Programs



Lexington City Schools’ District Spelling Bee Winner 2019

Lexington City Schools held its 2019 District Spelling Bee competition on Thursday, February 15th.  The winner of the Spelling Bee was Bopha Theang,  a 8th grade student from Lexington Middle School.  The winning word was “galleria”, which she spelled correctly after 30 rounds.  Bopha is the daughter of Kanhiareka and Thal Theang.  She will represent Lexington City Schools at the Regional Spelling Bee on March 24th at Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in Winston Salem.

Lexington City Schools Elementary Poetry Contest Winners

Madelynn Marsh, a kindergarten student at South Lexington, was the winner of the LCS Elementary Poetry Contest in the newly added Kindergarten division.  Her poem was entitled “COLD”.

Paola Castro, a 2nd grade student at Southwest School, was the winner at the grades 1-2 level.  Her poem was entitled “Snowflakes”.

Ao’Nycka Dutrieuille, a 4th grade student at Pickett School, was the winner at the grades 3-5 level.  The title of her poem was “Winter Day”.

Winners will receive a certificate and an award from the Jacket Academic Booster Club.  Winners of the grades 1-2 and 3-5 divisions will each receive an award for $50, and the kindergarten winner will receive an award for $25.

Students receive awards