Elementary Oratorical Competition

Elementary Oratorical Competition

2019 Elementary Oratorical Competition


    Bethany Mendez, a fifth-grade student from Pickett was the first place winner in the LCS Elementary Oratorical Competition held December 6th at Charles England Elementary School.  The district competition, sponsored by the Jacket Academic Boosters Club, was comprised of grades 3-5 top scorers from school level competitions.  Each student wrote a 3-5 minute speech about the topic, “If I could travel back in time, where would I go and why?”  While judges worked to tabulate the scores, top winning students from grades 1-2 delighted the audience by reciting short poems.  Soriya Long, a fifth-grade student from Charles England won second place, and third place went to Harmony Davis, also a 5th grade student from Pickett.

 Winners were presented with medals by Assistant Superintendent Emy Garrett, and given certificates by Jacket Academic Booster Board Members Sylvia Walser and Becky Abernethy.  The certificates served as recognition of excellence and to inform winners how much they would be awarded by the Boosters an the February board meeting.  Bethany Mendez will be presented $100 for winning first place, Soriya Long will be presented with $50, and Harmony Davis with $25.  Great job to all the students who competed!  Jacket Pride!

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