Student Expectations


Elementary Grades K-5


  • All students should read or be read to 20-30 minutes daily, depending on age.
  • Complete the At-Home Learning Packet activities, designed for approximately ten days.


  • Work on the At-Home Learning Math Packet activities for 30 minutes per day.
  • Promote math thinking through activities based on resources in your home.
  • Count and record objects
  • Make addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division flash cards.
  • Have students create their own math story problems.
  • Make a recipe together and consider what would need to be done to double it or half it.

Science (5th Grade Only) - Complete the At-Home Learning Packet. If you have access to reliable internet and devices, the online INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES offer additional opportunities for instruction, practice and lesson extension.

Upon Return to School

Students should return their packet of completed activities to their classroom teacher when schools reopen.

Secondary Grades 6-12


Student Learning Expectations

  • It is expected that students will complete the At-Home Packet assignments for all classes during this at-home learning time.
  • Students will be held accountable for work during this time. Content addressed as part of at-home learning will include review of content already covered and the continuation of the standard course of study for each class.
  • If reliable internet and a device is available, use the online resources accessible from the INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES page for instructional videos, lessons and other supports as well as communication from your teachers. 
  • Students and/or parents should contact teachers via email with questions or concerns regarding assignments. Teachers will remain available for prompt responses throughout the school day. Email contact information can be found our District STAFF DIRECTORY.