Help Desk

LCS recognizes that all students may need support during remote instruction with resources and technical issues. Students may experience issues ranging from a video not playing, a link to an assignment not working, or a device not connecting. Regardless of the issue, LCS is implementing a 3 Tiered Help Desk System to provide support for students and parents. 

During School Hours:

Tier 1- Classroom Teacher

  • Classroom teachers will assist during their online availability period. Teacher office hours and general schedules are posted on their websites as well.
  • If a student or a parent requires assistance, their first point of contact should be the classroom or subject teacher for that student during their availability.  
  • If the teacher is not available and it is an issue that requires urgent assistance they should move to the next tier -or-
  • If a teacher is unable to troubleshoot the issues they will send the request to the next tier for assistance.

Tier 2 School Office

  • Each school principal has developed a point of contact for students and parents when the classroom teacher is unable to assist.
  • If a student or parent requires urgent assistance outside of the classroom teacher's availability or beyond their scope, the parent or student can contact the school office directly and seek assistance from the Help Desk Point of Contact for the school.
  • If the Point of Contact is unable to resolve the issue, they will forward the call to the next tier of support.

Tier 3 - District Technology Help Desk

  • This level of support is for more technical issues that could not be resolved by Tier 1 or 2.
  • The parent or student will be connected with the Technology Help Desk.


After Hours Help Desk Support:

  • Parents/students should call their child’s school and get immediate support from 8:00am-4:00pm daily.
  • After school hours, parents should submit a Help Desk Ticket and will receive a call back the next business day.
Help Desk Ticket for After Hours 
*Reach out to the teacher or school during normal school hours from 8am-4pm


LCS Laptop Logins:

  • Students who received a Chromebook/laptop from LCS will follow these instructions to login to their device.
  • Student Login Instructions